Highway Indicators Statistical Report
Table of Contents (Page 1)

The measures contained in this report summarize significant activities of State Highway offices involved in development, operations, and planning functions. The information in this document will assist SHA in preserving the existing system and managing available facilities and services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The information in the report was developed from both external sources and many sources within SHA.

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  Download Entire Report (6.25 meg) 2000_Highway_Report.pdf
  Cover 001_FrontPage.pdf
  Table of Contents 002_Table.pdf
I. Introduction 004_Intro.pdf
II. System Extent 005_SystemExt.pdf
   1. Center Line Miles 008_CentLnMiPDF.pdf
   2. Lane Miles 009_HighLanMi.pdf
   3. Lane Miles - By Functional Class 010_HighLaMiFuncCls.pdf
   4. Bridges 011_SHABridges.pdf
   5. Park and Ride Facilities Served by Transit 013_Prk&Ride.pdf
   6. Park and Ride Facilities Number of Spaces 013_Prk&Ride.pdf
   7. Park and Ride Facilities Listing 014_Prk&RideLst.pdf
   8. NHS - National Highway System 015_NHS.pdf
   9. Welcome Centers and Rest Facilities 016_WelcCent.pdf
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