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Design Competition Guidelines (Continued)

Sustainable Technology Options
  • Super-insulation/high efficiency thermal envelope
  • Earth-sheltered construction
  • Local/recycled/low energy contents, green building materials, minimizing use of materials contributing to indoor air pollution.
  • High R-value glazing (including use of silica aero gel)
  • Integration of passive solar heating & cooling strategies (including direct gain, sunspace & Trombe-wall, with enclosed, exterior insulated thermal mass and summer shading and ventilation)
  • Controlled, heat recovery air exchange
  • Active solar heating & cooling systems (including domestic water heating, in combination with photo-voltaic (PV) powered, ground source heat-pump)
  • On-site, roof integrated and free-standing (sun-shade) PV and wind-power generation of electricity, with surplus energy storage (including batteries and hydrogen (H2)/fuel-cell combination)
  • Non-polluting conversion of biomass/trash to H2/fuels
  • Battery/fuel-cell powered utility vehicles and maintenance equipment
  • Rainwater capture from roof surfaces, cistern storage, zero-discharge re-use/re-purification of sink "grey-water", with composting of human waste, or
  • On-site waste-treatment using constructed wetland in solar greenhouse, recycling effluent for zero discharge
  • Permeable paving on expanded parking areas and pedestrian walkways
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