Byron Overlook - Environmentally Friendly Welcome Center

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Design Competition Guidelines (Continued)

Submission Requirements
  • Drawings shall be of sufficient detail to illustrate the size and shape of all significant members and to demonstrate general engineering and architectural feasibility. However any unusual details critical to the design concept should be detailed and explained to the extent necessary to understand the concept. The drawings should also describe surface finish colors, lighting, pedestrian amenities, etc.

    • Required Documents

      The required documents are as follows:

      a. A General Plan of the site drawn at a scale of 1" = 30'. This drawing should be on one sheet 24" in height and as long as necessary, and rolled.
      b. Plan and elevations of the building. The plan of the building shall be drawn at 1/8" = 1'-0" and shall show the location and spatial size of the various components; welcome center, rest room facilities, utilities, etc. The plan and elevations may be on separate 24" x 36" sheets. The number of elevations is at the discretion of the entrant, with a minimum of one front elevation required.
      c. Cross-sections of the building, showing the conceptual framing and structural details. Sections should be prepared at horizontal and vertical scales of 1" = 1'-0". A minimum of two sections and a maximum of four sections are required.
      d. A brief report of a maximum 20 pages describing the proposed technologies upon which the design concept is based. A standardized format is being developed for reporting energy performance projections based upon specified climate data. This will be provided in a forthcoming transmittal.
      e. A realistic colored rendering of the overall building and peripheral features that comprise the concept. The view should be from a point of view which the entrant feels will best illustrate the concept.

  • Unless otherwise specified, the scale of the required drawings is left to the discretion of the entrant. Drawings should be as large as practicable in order to adequately convey sufficient detail to understand the concepts being presented. Breaking or splitting drawings should be avoided. Mixed scale drawings shall not be used.

    The renderings required should be 24" x 36" in size, mounted on rigid board and should be suitable for exhibition.

  • Anonymity

    The entries from the teams are to be prepared and submitted anonymously. All reviews by the Selection Panel will be done anonymously, and the Selection Panel will have no knowledge of which team created which proposal.

    To ensure anonymity, each team will be assigned a letter designation by the SHA Office of Consultant Services. All deliverable products submitted by each team shall display the assigned letter designation.

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