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MD 70 (Rowe Boulevard) Improvement Project

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Environmental Impacts

With any large construction project, there will be unavoidable impacts to the environment. SHA will have a full-time environmental monitor on site to ensure that any issues will be immediately resolved. An environmental community advisory group of local volunteers worked with SHA to keep necessary impacts to a minimum and to find ways to improve the existing conditions. Enhancements to this project include: :

  • The inclusion of five storm water management bio-retention facilities that will treat runoff from water-resistant surfaces, such as the bridge deck, before reaching the creeks. This treatment goes above and beyond state law.
  • The initiation of a four year water quality monitoring program, which will allow the creeks to be monitored one year prior to construction, two years during construction and one year post construction. If construction activities are adversely affecting the creeks, SHA can take immediate steps to rectify any adverse construction procedures. In addition, SHA can measure the effectiveness of the bio-retention facilities being constructed as part of this project. SHA is committed to leaving the creeks in a better state than they are today.
  • Funding a watershed study of Weems Creek.
  • Grading and landscaping upgrades to an existing storm water management pond within the US 50 Interchange.
  • Developing a response procedure for the contractor to implement in the event of a toxic chemical spill.
  • Developing an aggressive replanting program.
  • Relocating existing trees within the median of Rowe Boulevard to locations near the World War II Memorial Overlook.


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