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Maryland Quality Initiative

Subcommittee Goals & Objectives Cont.


Co-chairs: Dan Cheng, Kirk McClelland
Members: Joe Makar, Fred Wagner

Goal: Projects must be submitted on time, within budget, with no field changes, and promoting innovative solutions to improve the overall highway system

Objective: Promote Continuing Education in the Highway Industry 

Action Plan/Strategy:  

  • Develop educational program for TBTP details for MdQI conference by November 9, 2000.  COMPLETE
  • Develop educational program for Design/Build  for MdQI conference by November 9, 2000.  COMPLETE
  • Develop educational program for MDE requirements  for MdQI conference by November 9, 2000.  COMPLETE
  • Organize a separate 4-5 hour conference on innovative Highway Development, sponsored by MdQI/SHA, with endorsements by industry organizations (i.e., ASCE, CEC, and potentially ITE) by February, 2001.

Objective: Promote the Sharing of Information for Pre-Construction 

Action Plan/Strategy:  

  • Write two articles for the MdQI newsletter by November 9, 2000. COMPLETE
  • Promote the use of movable barriers on SHA projects for MOT.
  • Disseminate guidelines recently completed.


Co-chairs: Bob Harrison, Kevin Kreis
Members: Mark Flack, Woody Hood, Roger Howell, Dave Peake,  Mike Potter, Dave Ramsey, Wayne Styles

Goal: Improve relationships and communication between SHA and industry to maximize benefits.

Objective: To develop and distribute a survey to measure the level of satisfaction of our MdQI partners.  This would include an initial and follow up survey. 

Strategy:  Provide support and resources to teams by:  

  • Monitoring and reporting on activities of existing and future teams assigned to the sub-committee.
  • Providing a clearing house for assigning issues that are generated and assigned to the appropriated team.
  • Being supportive of other team efforts.
  • Establishing active participation.

Action Plan 

  • Identify Teams - 3/1/01
  • Develop Reporting Criteria - 4/1/01
  • Solicit Additional Team Members - 4/1/01
  • Initial Draft Ratings - 5/1/01
  • Final Draft Rating - 12/31/01

Key Performance Measure:
ie, number of teams, "customer service rating", etc. 


Co-chairs: Douglas Rose, Bob Long
Members: Fran Ward, Barb Yeager

Goal: To promote awareness of the Maryland Quality Initiative (MdQI) to the Highway and general public.

Objective: To publicize and market the efforts of the MdQI Steering Committee and Sub-Committees on an ongoing basis 

Strategy #1:  To work with Office of Communications to develop an effective marketing strategy
Action Plan:

  • Identify all appropriate news and magazine media contacts.
  • Work with MHCA, MAA and NEACPA to coordinate industry news events on a quarterly basis.
  • Work with CEC to coordinate engineering news events on a quarterly basis.

Strategy #2:  Continue on an ongoing basis to update the MdQI web page, to publish the MdQI Newsletter, and Conference Summary Brochure.
Action Plan:

  • Update MdQI web page monthly.
  • Publish two issues of Partners in Quality Newsletter each year.
  • Publish and distribute MdQI Conference proceedings to all conference attendees within four months after the conference.
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