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Environmental Responsibility

Recognizing the fragile nature of the Chesapeake Bay 's vast environmental treasures, Marylanders have been committed to environmental protection for several decades. This commitment to protect some of our most significant natural resources has broadened over the years to encompass all dimensions of the environment. Following the desires of the citizens of Maryland, the State Highway Administration 's (SHA) environmental activities and programs have become some of the most progressive and comprehensive in the nation. This document is intended to present the depth and breadth of SHA ' s efforts in various environmental focus areas.

The presentation is divided into three sections.The first two sections are devoted to SHA 's project development activities related to natural and human environments, and the third section concentrates on SHA 's daily operations and partnerships. The natural environment is the world of all living organisms and their supporting habitats.The human environment refers to people, culture and quality of life. We hope you find this document informative, as we consider our programs to be the state-of-the-art in environmental responsibility.


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Environmental Responsibility (PDF,804kb)

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