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Transportation Enhancement Program
Advertisement and Construction

Approval to advertise

Written approval to advertise will be issued by SHA after all requirements are met and FHWA has obligated federal funds for the individual project. Projects advertised prior to this approval will have to cancel the advertisement, or reject bids, and re-advertise.

Advertisement Requirements

  • There must be minimum of 21 calendar days between the date of initial advertisement in the last newspaper used and the date of the bid opening.
  • Published for two (2) successive weeks in one or more newspapers having general circulation in the county where the project will be located.
  • Published in three (3) successive issues of at least one major metropolitan newspaper.
  • Published in a newspaper that is certified by MDOT as a Minority Business Enterprise.
  • The lowest/responsive bid must be selected.
  • Additional information on advertising and awarding contracts will be provided to project sponsors.

Important Note to Project Sponsors

The Sponsor must notify SHA of the advertisement date prior to that date, so SHA can sign-off on a complete advertisement package.

Concurrence to award

After bids have been opened and evaluated, the project sponsor must prepare a package of information and submit this to SHA for review and "concurrence to award." The approval must be received from SHA before giving the contractor Notice to Proceed.

Construction Management

Management of projects underway or under construction is the responsibility of the project sponsor. Project Sponsors must contact the SHA District office prior to commencing construction.

Construction Inspection

Construction inspection is the responsibility of the project sponsor. The State Highway Administration will visit the site to ensure that proper records are being kept, materials tested and certified, and state and federal standards are followed.

Materials Testing

The materials testing cost is the responsibility of the Project Sponsor. Materials "source of supply" approval and materials testing must be performed by SHA laboratories. The cost of this service will be deducted from the award.

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