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Transportation Enhancement Program
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Important Notes to Potential Project Sponsors
  • Projects must be scoped to be of reasonable length or size that will allow the proposed project to be advertised as one contract.
  • Separate proposals need to be submitted for each segment of projects consisting of segments, and each must have independent utility.
  • Significant project scope changes made after acceptance of the proposal by the Executive Committee will result in project funds being withdrawn, and the sponsor being required to reapply during a subsequent Program cycle. Once a project has been approved, breaking it into segments is strongly discouraged.
  • Meeting State and Federal environmental requirements is the responsibility of the project sponsor.

Activities not Eligible

Non-essential activities associated with proposed projects are not eligible for enhancement funding, but may qualify as part of the project sponsor's match. Routine capital improvements, projects funded by other MDOT or United States Department of Transportation programs (including any required match), and maintenance activities and equipment that are normally programmed and paid for out of a jurisdiction's budget are neither eligible for Transportation Enhancement Program funds nor as matching for Transportation Enhancement Program funds. The following specific activities are not eligible for Transportation Enhancement Program funding.

  • Replacement of existing lighting
  • Routine addition of sidewalks
  • Landscaping upkeep
  • Paving shoulders
  • Maintenance activities and equipment
  • Increase in highway capacity
  • Required mitigation associated with other projects
  • Noise barriers
  • Property acquisition for future construction
  • Drainage improvements
  • Improvements to commercial establishments
  • Improvement to sites not open to the public
  • Planning studies
  • Loop paths within parks
  • Streetscapes

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