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Transportation Enhancement Program
The Proposal - Schedule
Project Schedule - Required Information
  • A firm detailed time line work schedule of activities is essential and must include the following:
    • Design completion, Project Initiation meeting, final review meeting, Plans, Specifications, and Estimates submittal, and projected Notice to Proceed date
    • Permit application submittal and projected approval dates
    • Proposed construction advertisement date
    • Expected duration of construction and projected completion date
  • Please add six weeks for SHA reviews after the submission of 100 percent complete design plans, specifications, and estimates. Incomplete information will result in additional review time.
  • Projects with structures, such as bridges, will need additional time for SHA structure review at about 50 percent design completion.

Important note to potential project sponsors

  • The sponsor's proposed design and construction schedules will be included in the Memorandum of understanding.
  • Significant project schedule changes made after acceptance of the proposal by the Executive Committee will result in project funds being withdrawn, and the sponsor being required to reapply during a subsequent Program cycle.
  • Project must be advertised for construction within 18 months of the letter notifying the sponsor that funding has been awarded or the funds may be withdrawn.
  • The project sponsor must demonstrate and effort to adhere to the schedule.

Schedule Criteria

Proposed projects will be screened and selected for funding based on the following criteria

Eligibility and Selection

  • A schedule that can reasonably be met.
  • Commitment to advertise for construction within 18 months from the date of the award.
  • Performance of project sponsor on previous Transportation Enhancement Program projects.

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