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Training Exercises

Introduction :: Introduction to SCEA  |  Exercise 1
Module 1 :: Resource Definition  |   Exercise 1  |  Exercise 2
Module 2 :: Geographic Boundary  |   Exercise 1  |  Exercise 2
Module 3 :: Timeframes  |   Exercise 1  |   Exercise 2
Module 4 :: Land Use Timeframes  |   Exercise 1  |   Exercise 2
Module 5 :: Drawing SCEA Conclusions  |  Exercise 1  |   Exercise 2
Module 6 :: Presentation of SCEA in the Environmental Documentation  |  Exercise 1

Module 1 :: Exercise 2

Defining Your Resources
The State Highway Administration (SHA) has just received resource agency concurrence upon its Purpose and Need and is proceeding with preliminary transportation improvement studies for the upgrade of MD 998 which includes improvements to the existing MD 998/MD 999 intersection. The SHA is currently studying an upgrade of existing MD 998 along with a bypass alternative. The following information regarding your project study area is shown on the following graphics:


The County Master Plan for the project study area identifies a highway bypass of MD 998. This bypass would include an interchange with MD 999. The potential location of the highway bypass is included within the direct study area boundary highlighted on the Future Land Use Map. In the professional opinion of the County Planning Department, the future land use plan would only be attained if a highway bypass were constructed.

Your task is to prepare a SCEA resource matrix for presentation at your projectís Interagency Field Review. What resources might be considered when preparing the resource matrix?

In the table below please answer Yes next to the resource that can be considered in a SCEA . If the resource should not be considered in a SCEA answer a No and then print this page.

Define the Appropriate Resources:

 Yes  No     1. Wetlands

 Yes  No     2. Parklands

 Yes  No     3. Noise Quality

 Yes  No     4. Air Quality

 Yes  No     5. Land Use

 Yes  No     6. Streams

 Yes  No     7. Forest Lands

 Yes  No     8. Historic Property (ies)

 Yes  No     9. Communities

 Yes  No     10. Threatened Species

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