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Training Exercises
Introduction :: Introduction to SCEA  |  Exercise 1
Module 1 :: Resource Definition  |   Exercise 1  |  Exercise 2
Module 2 :: Geographic Boundary  |   Exercise 1  |  Exercise 2
Module 3 :: Timeframes  |   Exercise 1  |   Exercise 2
Module 4 :: Land Use Timeframes  |   Exercise 1  |   Exercise 2
Module 5 :: Drawing SCEA Conclusions  |  Exercise 1  |   Exercise 2
Module 6 :: Presentation of SCEA in the Environmental Documentation  |  Exercise 1

Module 2 :: Exercise 2

Geographical Boundaries
Below is a link to four maps that help define MRECAS SCEA geographical boundary. These maps include the MRECAS Study Area SubBoundary, the Middle River Employment Center SubBoundary, the Natural Environmental SubBoundary, and the SocioEconomic SubBoundary.

Remembering that the development of a SCEA geographical boundary is a synthesis of multiple subboundaries, it is your task to define which overall SCEA geographical boundary could be used in this exercise.

See sub-boundary maps

Once you have studied these subboundary maps, please see below to define the overall SCEA geographical boundary.

Below is a link to four different SCEA geographical boundaries, please select a single boundary which could be defined from the subboundaries shown above. Place a y(yes) next to your choice for a boundary area and then print this page.

See sub-boundary maps D-link


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