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SCEA Training

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Data Sources / Other Resources

Federal Government


Input/Information Provided

Website (URL)

National Park Service (NPS)

National Register of Historic Places

US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)

NWI Wetlands

US Geologic Survey (USGS)


US Census Bureau (USCB)

Census Tracts, Census Statistics

Army Corps. of Engineers (ACOE)


Federal Highway Administration

NEPA & SCEA Policy

US Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Regulations/Data

State Government


Input/Information Provided

Website (URL)

Maryland Department of Natual Resources (DNR)

Technology Toolbox data includes:  DNR Wetlands, NWI Wetlands, Wetlands of Special State Concern, Submerged Aquatic Vegetation, Sensitive Species Protection Areas, Floodplains, Chesapeake Bay Critical Area

Maryland Office of Planning (MOP)

Priority Funding Areas, Property Boundary Information, Property Valuation, MD Property View

Maryland Historic Trust (MHT)

MD Historical Trust Easements, MD Inventory of Historic Places, Archaeological Presence Grid, National Register of Historic Places

Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Land Use Mapping and Regulatory Information

Maryland Department of Transportation

Statewide Information on Transportation Projects

Maryland State Highway Administration

SCEA Policy and Project Specific Information

Department of Business and Economic Development

SocioEconomic Statistics

Maryland Department of the Environment

State Regulatory Data and Policy

Local Government


Input/Information Provided

Website (URL)

Local Government Planning in Maryland

Links to Local Governments

Maryland Electronic Capital

Links to Local Governments and Statistics

Baltimore Metropolitan Council

Regional Planning Information

Washington Council of Governments

Regional Planning Information

Other Data Sources

Data Resource

Input/Information Provided

Website (URL)

Maryland State Government GIS Coordinating Committee

Coordinates GIS activities within Maryland State Government

US Census Lookup

Searchable Census Databases

USGS  (National Mapping)

Various Digital and Hard Copy Archives

USFWS (NWI Mapping)

Digital and Hard Copy NWI Mapping

MOP (State Data Center)

Maryland Demographic and Economic Statistics

GIS Data Depot

Various GIS Data Sources


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