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Transportation Enhancement Program
Reimbursement and Completed Projects


Project sponsors are responsibly for paying their contractor's invoices in a timely manner. The project sponsor will be reimbursed by SHA for actual construction expenses. Invoices will be forwarded to SHA and must include all required information to be processed for payment. The following information is required for SHA to process a request for reimbursement:
  • An original invoice from the project sponsor or public agency;
  • Copies of paid contractor invoices and canceled checks;
  • Public agency's Federal Identification Number;
  • State and federal project numbers;
  • Total actual costs (to date);
  • Total previously billed;
  • Reimbursement received;
  • Amount of Enhancement award remaining;
  • Bid tabulation (with the first invoice);
  • To whom to make the check payable;
  • Documentation of payment of matching activities; and
  • Documentation of force account hours worked may be done by payroll summary.

Activities Not Eligible for Reimbursement

  • Activities not directly related to execution of the project
  • Activities not covered in the MOU
  • Change orders not approved in advance by SHA
  • Cost higher than the Award
  • Activities/changes (addendum) added after advertising and not approved prior to issuance
  • Normal costs of doing business, such as copies, telephone calls, office expenses (also not eligible as Match)
  • Maintenance activities (also not eligible as Match)

Final Inspection

After the project has been constructed, SHA will verify that the records are complete and the work has been completed according to federal standards. This will close the project.

Public events

Notification of all public events such as groundbreaking and ribbon cuttings needs to be sent to SHA at least four weeks in advance of the event.


The project sponsor will be responsible for maintaining the project after completion, unless other arrangements are made in writing with another responsible source.

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