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Transportation Enhancement Program
Table of Contents

The Proposal

Required project information must be complete, concise and clearly understandable to facilitate reviews. The organization of the project proposal is at the discretion of the jurisdiction submitting the application, but should follow the general order of description, status, schedule, cost, support, and contracts.

Potential project sponsors are encouraged to call the Enhancement Program Manager prior to submitting a proposal, so questions may be answered, eligibility may be determined, and additional guidance can be offered, as needed.

Program Overview

This section is an overview of the Transportation Enhancement Program and the process followed to review and approve proposals.

Enhancement Program Projects

Project proposals approved for Transportation Enhancement Program funding are considered local projects and are under the direct control of the project sponsor. Since the Transportation Enhancement Program is a reimbursable program, not a grant program there are a number of federal and state requirements that must be followed to insure the project remains eligible to be reimbursed using federal funds.

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