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Transportation Enhancement Program
The Proposal - Description Page 1

Project Description - Required Information

The proposal should include a full description of the proposed Transportation Enhancement activity including all the following:

  • Project name
  • Location
  • Precise limits and alignment
  • Explicit geographic reference such as: longitude and latitude; national grid reference; address with postal code; census tract name; forest tract name; road name; or other location references for use in Geographic Information Systems
  • A detailed description of proposed project activities
  • Precise definition what activities the Transportation Enhancement Program is being requested to fund
  • Description of any historical uses of the site
  • Define the proposed project's relationship to the current transportation system
  • Identification of what customers will be served
  • Description of any environmental impacts or benefits
  • Proposed costs

General Criteria

Proposed projects will be screened and selected for funding based on the following criteria:


  • Must be directly related to the Federal-aid transportation system contributing to the statewide transportation system
  • Must be compatible with the Americans with Disabilities Act

Selection preference is given to the following:

  • Demonstrates economic benefit to the project area
  • Positive environmental and historical benefits and impacts
  • Regionally significant
  • Regionally significant
  • Contributes to a statewide geographic balance of Enhancement Program projects
  • Contributes to a balance among Enhancement Program categories
  • Adjacent to transit facilities, or within state designated revitalization areas, Priority Funding Areas, or HotSpot Communities
  • Connects schools, libraries, recreational facilities and transit services

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