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Transportation Enhancement Program

The Proposal - Status

Current Status - Required Information

  • Project development and pertinent background information
  • Design activities completed or underway
  • Design criteria, standards, and specifications proposed
  • Current use of the project site or area
  • Current and past condition of the project and project area
  • Right-of-way status. Must be publicly owned or a permanent easement held by a public agency for all right-of-way needed for project implementation
  • Historical listing status, including historical structures, historical districts, or archeological sites, if applicable
  • A brief history and justification for the proposed project

Status Criteria

Proposed projects will be screened and selected for funding based on the following criteria.


  • Construction must take place on publicly owned property, or the sponsor must obtain permanent easements that must be held by a governmental agency.
  • Negotiations should be underway when the proposal is submitted, and secured by the projected construction advertisement date, if property and/or easement purchases are required.
  • "Acquisitions of scenic easements and scenic or historic sites" are the only property acquisition projects that will be considered for Enhancement Program funding.
  • Buildings must be listed on, or be eligible for listing, on the National Register of Historic Places to be eligible for funding under the historic preservation or rehabilitation categories.
  • The acquisition of scenic easements or historic transportation sites must have a completed title search and a written commitment from the appropriate governmental agency that will hold an easement.

Selection preference is given to the following:

  • Projects with all right-of-way secured
  • A minimum of 30 percent construction plans completed, which include the following:
    • Preliminary engineering initiated
    • Hydrologic studies, if necessary, undertaken
    • Topographic surveys available
    • Community consensus on concept attained
    • Existing right-of-way identified
    • Environmental, archeological, and historical impacts identified
    • Cost estimates prepared for all phases of work

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