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Transportation Enhancement Program
The Proposal - Support

Official Support - Required Letters

Letters of support are required from the following, with the proposal submittal.

  • Local community groups if available
  • Appropriate local, state and federal elected officials;
  • Jurisdiction's Metropolitan Planning Organization transportation representative, if appropriate; and
  • Project cosponsors, if any

Important note to potential project sponsors

  • Reimbursement of Transportation Enhancement Program funds cannot be made directly to private organizations (including nonprofit groups) or individuals.
  • Project sponsors are responsible for obtaining letters of support prior to submitting the project proposal.

Support Criteria

Proposed projects will be screened and selected for funding based on the following riteria


  • Sponsored, or cosponsored, by a governmental agency.
  • Consistent with local and regional plans.

Selection preference is given to the following:

  • Documented broad-based community support

Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Projects approved for funding will be submitted, by MDOT, for all projects outside of Baltimore City, to the appropriate Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for approval as an amendment to the regional TIP. Baltimore City will initiate the TIP approval process for all projects within its jurisdictional boundaries.

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

Projects approved for funding will be submitted by MDOT to FHWA for approval as an amendment to Maryland's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.

Special Note for Baltimore City Projects

All potential projects in Baltimore City must be submitted to the Baltimore City Department of Planning, according to its procedures and requirements to select and co-sponsor Transportation Enhancement Program projects within City limits. Baltimore City will forward selected projects to the State Highway Administration. Proposals for projects within Baltimore City that have not been forwarded to SHA by Baltimore City will be returned to the project sponsor.

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