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Maryland Department of Transportation
State Highway Administration
What We Do

Highway Design
Highway engineers produce final designs for all projects, develop contract plans and specifications and prepare construction contracts for bids.

Most of SHA's projects are bid to private construction contractors. SHA's districts, including the inspection staff manage Maryland's construction program.

Quality Materials
SHA provides quality assurance and materials testing for SHA's construction and maintenance activities. We handle engineering geology and geotechnical exploration services to SHA and other transportation agencies, conduct specialized field testing in support of pavement and bridge management systems, designs, pavements and perform research on new technology, procedures and materials.

Traffic And Safety
Safety is a priority for SHA. We conduct special traffic studies, design intersections, promote the Statewide Safety Management System and administer the motor carrier program. SHA is responsible for overseeing the Maryland Comprehensive Traffic Safety Programs.

After a highway construction project is complete, SHA's long-term job has just begun. District maintenance personnel continue to keep the roads in good condition with improvements and repairs in the areas of safety, drainage and rideability. They keep the highways safe and clear in the winter; mow grass in the spring, summer and fall; and are concerned with both the physical condition and appearance of the roadways all year long. Maintenance personnel also respond to emergency weather incidents, hazardous material spills and natural disasters.

Statewide Operations Center
The Statewide Operations Center (SOC) assists all areas of SHA by monitoring highway traffic activity through a high-tech facility. This 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week communication center allows for efficient incident response through state-of-the-art technology.

The SOC is home to the Chesapeake Highway Advisories Routing Traffic (CHART) program. This innovative program utilizes advanced technologies, including closed-circuit television cameras, Traveler Advisory Radio (TAR), Variable Message Signs (VMS) and pavement weather sensors to assist in monitoring responses and clearing roadway incidents and backups.

The SOC also houses Maryland's Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which is activated for natural and man-made emergencies (snowstorms, hurricanes, nuclear facility exercises, etc.).

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