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Maryland SHA Website Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the Maryland State Highway Administration Web site and reviewing our privacy guidelines.

Your use of this Web site is subject to monitoring at all times. For site security purposes, and to ensure site availability to all users, MD. SHA uses monitoring software to identify any unauthorized use of this Website. Unauthorized attempts to change any portion of this site or to upload any information without explicit consent is strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986.

The following sets forth how information from your visit to our Website will be handled. The information we will have available will depend upon your actions when visiting our site.

If you visit our site to browse and read information only, the following information will be collected and stored:

  • The name of the domain and IP address assigned to your computer from which you access the site;
  • Your Browser type and Operating System;
  • Date and Time of your Visit; and
  • The Path or sequence of pages you visit during your stay at our site.

If you identify yourself by sending an email message which contains other personal information of yours such as an email address and/or phone number etc. for the purpose of:

Requesting information or documents be sent to you, information collected will only be used to respond to your request for information or documents. Asking a question or making a comment, information collected will be used solely for responding to your question or comment.

For the management of this Website, SHA maintains an operational log of site users. This log is used to generate site usage statistics, to track operational problems, and to investigate suspected unauthorized activities. Raw data logs are used for no other purposes.

Cookie Disclaimer - The SHA may use cookies (persistent tokens that transfer data from a users machine to the server and vice versa) in order to make the site easier for you to use. SHA does not keep a database of information obtained from these cookies.

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Revised: June 18, 2008