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Signal Plan Locator

This tool is designed to help you find digital copies of the traffic signal plans. The files are available in PDF format as well as Raster (.tif) format. The latter can be used as reference within a MicroStation file.

Main Route:
Intersecting Road:
TS Number:

We depend on your feedback to improve the quality of our product. If you find any errors or have a suggestion, please feel free to share your thoughts with the Traffic Engineering Design Division of the Office of Traffic and Safety via email: [email protected] (please include the words "Signal Plan Locator" on the subject line of your email). Please keep in mind, that the size of each file might be anywhere from 100 KB to 1,000 KB. And depending on your connection speed you might experience some delay in opening the files. If you do not have a PDF viewer, you can download Adobe Acrobat from:

We strongly recommend reading the materials in the help area to get acquainted with the operation of this tool.


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