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Search Results page contains the plans that match your search criteria. This page also provides you with some information to help further refine your search. Here we describe what that information is and how it is presented to you. It should be noted that this stage of the search will be omitted and you will go directly to Details page if there is only one location found.

The shaded areas on top and bottom of this page contains general information about the search. The content of these areas is dynamic and may change depending on the the search results. Each of the white fields in between generally represents an intersection. The following is the description of each item on this page:

1 - Plan Count: Here you can find out how many plans were found as a result of your search. Keep in mind this is the number of plans not intersections.
2 - Page Count: If there are too many plans to fit on one page, you will see the number of the pages that hold all the plans as well as the current page number.
3 - Page Navigation: To move back and forth between different pages, you may click on the page number here.
4 - Heading: The bold text in this area is the heading for the data bellow.
5 - Page Set Navigation: If there are more than 10 pages. Every 10 pages will be grouped in one set. You will be able to move between the sets by using NEXT and LAST. You will see the options for PREVIOUS and FIRST once you move out of the first set.
6 - Help: The Help button will bring you to this page. In each of the other pages, HELP will bring you to the relevant area of the Help pages.
7 - New Search: This will take you back to the Search Box. If you just came from there, and wish to retain your entries, you may use the back button on your browser instead.
8 - TS Number: TS No. (Traffic Signal Number) is a number assigned to each intersection by Traffic Engineering Design Division of Office of Traffic and Safety. This number is presented as a link that will take you to the Details page, where you may find additional information about the signal. The effort has been made to list all the plans available for that signal under one TS number, however there is a chance that plans for Interconnects which contain more than one intersection will be listed under another TS number or be listed with TS number XXXX. When there is no TS number available for the plan it will be listed as XXXX. It is always a good idea to have a quick look at all the items that show in your results to make sure they are not a part of the plan set you are looking for.
9 - County Code: This two character code represents the county that the intersection is located at. The following are the description of the code:

1 - AL = Alegany
2 - AA = Anne Arundel
3 - BA = Baltimore
4 - CA = Calvert
5 - CO = Caroline
6 - CL = Carrol
7 - CE = Cecil
8 - CH = Charles
9 - DO = Dorchester
10 - FR = Frederick
11 - GA = Garrett
12 - HA = Harford
13 - HO = Howard
14 - KE = Kent
15 - MO = Montgomery
16 - PG = Prince Georges
17 - QA = Queen Anne's
18 - SM = St. Mary's
19 - SO = Somerset
20 - TA = Talbot
21 - WA = Washington
22 - WI = Wicomico
23 - WO = Worcester

10 - Last Update: For security reasons the files and data available to you are only a copy of the original. We update this system periodically and here you can see the last time it was updated.
11 - Location: This usually represents the location of an intersection, in which case the left side of "@" sign is the MAIN ROUTE and the right side of it is the INTERSECTING ROAD. The name you enter in search box for either main route or intersecting road could show either on the left or on the right side of @ sign. We designed the system in this manner so you don't have to worry about whether the road you are looking for is the main road or the side road.
12 - Signal No: Signal Plan Locator keeps track of signal plans by TS Number. There are other systems in SHA that use a different number. Having that number to find the signal plan you are looking for is not necessary. However for only cross reference purposes we have made it available to you on this page as well as the detail page. To see the Signal Number, hold your mouse on the triangle at the end of the line above the location of the signal you are interested in. You will see a 10 digit number (like 03016601.75). In this example 03 represents Baltimore County (see number 9 on this page). 166 represent route MD166 and 01.75 is the mile point on MD166. This is the pattern for all numbers of this type.
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