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The Search Box helps you limit the number of signal plans that are found. Once you specify your search criteria in the appropriate fields, it will send your request to our system and bring back the matching plans. Please note that the search mechanism will bring back only the plans that match all of your search critera. For a broader result set, enter fewer critera and for a smaller result set, enter more search criteria. The Search Box consists of several parts:
1 - Labels: Labels identify each search criteria field.

2 - Search Fields: This is where you enter the search criteria. Please note that providing the search criteria to at least one of the corresponding fields is required. The following areas are available:

Main Route - Enter a route number only, without the route prefix. Or enter a portion of the route name if you are not sure about spelling. The program will try to match the pattern of characters you entered to the data in our system. For example '32' will bring up 32, 132, etc. 'orres' will bring up 'Torres',

Intersecting Road - Similar to main route. The text you enter will be matched to data in the database. Please note if you enter information in only Main Route field or only in Intersecting Road field, the program will search both fields in the database for a match. If you use both fields program will cross check for any possible combination.

TS Number - This will allow you to find plans by entering the exact TS Number. There is no pattern matching in this area.

County - You may restrict your search by selecting the county in whitch the intersection is located.

3 - Help: The Help button will bring you to this page. In each of the following pages, HELP will bring you to the relevant area of the Help Pages in Signal Plan Locator.

4 - GO: "go" button will send the information you provided to our system and will ruturn the results. Please note that you may use the ENTER key on your keyboard instead of the "go" button.