Maryland's Traffic Volume Maps by County

The Maryland Traffic Volume Maps depict the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) at various locations on Marylandís roadways by county. Traffic Volume data is collected from over 3000 program count stations and 79 ATRís, located throughout Maryland. Program count data is collected (both directions) at regular locations on a three year cycle (one-third of these are counted each year). The other two-thirds are factored based on the past yearly growth of an associated ATR. Counters are placed for 48 hours on a Monday or Tuesday and are picked up that Thursday or Friday, respectively. The ATR and toll count data is collected on a continuous basis. The Toll station data is provided by Maryland Transportation Authority.

For more information about traffic counts and data, please see:
The Traffic Monitoring System.

Traffic Volume Map Introduction (PDF, 13kb)

ATR and Toll Locations (PDF, 8kb)

All the maps below are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you have Acrobat installed on your computer,
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The 2008 Maryland Traffic Volume Map is also available for downloading in Adobe Acrobat format. Right click on the file below and save to your computer.

08TrafficVolumeMaps (PDF,9.57kb)

The following years are also available on the Internet:
2000 through 2007
1980 through 1999

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