Traffic Monitoring System
Welcome to SHA's Traffic Monitoring Web Site. From this page you can access traffic count reports for most traffic counting sites on the state highway system in Maryland. Data is available from the 1992 calendar year to the present. Each report can be printed or exported to a file (Excel 5.0, Word 97, rich text format, or Crystal Report format) on your computer.


  1. Select County items then click the County checkbox to update Route list.
  2. Select Route items, and then click the Route checkbox to update Site/Location Description list.
  3. Users may select different count types based on the first character of the station id, i.e., B - Program, P - Permanent, and S - Special.
  4. Please define criteria as complete as possible and you must enter BOTH START DATE and END DATE to continue.
  5. To de-select a highlighted criteria, press control and click on the highlighted item and it will be cleared.

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