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County: Worcester Project Number: WO419_11

Project Name:
US 50, Ocean Gateway
Location of Project:
Study to replace Bridge 23007 over the Sinepuxent Bay. The study will investigate options to eliminate/upgrade the drawspan structure. Shoulders, wide curb lanes and sidewalks will accommodate bicycles and pedestrians.
The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) is conducting a Project Planning Study on the US 50
crossing of the Sinepuxent Bay in Worechester County. The study area extends from MD 611 to
MD 378 (Baltimore Avenue) in the east-west direction,
and 3rd Street to Somerset Street in the north-south
direction. The purpose of this study is to develop a
transportation solution that improves upon the
structural, operational and safety deficiencies associated
with the existing bridge.
What is under study:
Several Alternatives have been under consideration throughout Stage I (development of preliminary alternatives) of the planning process and these alternatives were presented at the June 2006 Alternates Public Workshop. In brief format, they included:

Alternative 1: No Build
Alternative 2: Rehabilitation
Alternative 3: One Way Pair
Alternative 4: 1st Street Connection
Alternative 5: South Parallel Bridge
Alternative 5a: North Parallel Bridge
Alternative 6: 9th Street Connection
Alternative 7: Remove & Replace

Currently, the US 50 Crossing Study project is in Stage II and detailed studies are being conducted. Based on public input and an evaluation of impacts (residential, environmental, & socio-economic) associated with each proposed alternative, SHA recommended the retention of the alternatives presented below, and the regulatory agencies concurred. It is noted however that the Department of Natural Resources showed preferrence of Alternative 6 to the others, as the proposed bridge alignment was located the furthest from Skimmer Island, home to state listed threatened and endangered colonial nesting waterbirds.

The Alternatives Retained for Detailed Study are:

Alternative 1: No Build
Alternative 2: Rehabilitation
Alternative 4: 1st Street Connection
Alternative 5: South Parallel Bridge
Alternative 5a: North Parallel Bridge

Additional information on these alternatives is provided in the Document tab under the Informational Public Workshop.
Unique Design Features:
Project Type:
Current Phase: Planning
Funded Year : 2004 How much will this project cost?
Funding Source(s): State
Last Updated On : 10/18/2007
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