Our Commitment to DIVERSITY

We at the Maryland Department of Transportation's State Highway Administration continue to strive to live up to our Values: Excellence in our People, our Relationships, our Work, and our Environment. Creating an atmosphere that fully recognizes and uses the talents and capabilities of a diverse work force is critical to the achievement of those Values. SHA's Values reflects our commitment to be an organization that cares about its people, its customers, and its environment.

As we move into the new millennium, we must be prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing environment . Our work force must be ready to meet the needs of our society. To accomplish our mission, we must embrace the creative contributions of all people who may bring different approaches, solutions, and innovations to the needs of our customers.

Diversity at SHA means inclusion -in attracting, developing, rewarding, and recognizing the potential of all employees. Diversity and inclusion are the prerequisites to excellence in our organization. By developing and nurturing diversity, we reap greater rewards of the creativity, flexibility, and excellence that are in all of us.

From the Governor, to the Secretary of Transportation, to the Administration, we all are committed to ensuring that SHA is a model workplace that fosters and celebrates the richness of Diversity and is a place where everyone can contribute to his or her fullest potential.

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