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Office of Highway Development

The Office of Highway Development is composed of 6 divisions responsible for detailed location and design of all highway improvement projects from the time they reach the program stage until they are advertised and cleared for construction. The specific functions of each division is as follows:

Highway Design Division
The Highway Design Division (HDD) is responsible for the management of consultant and in-house design of capital investment projects. HDD engineers manage multi-disciplined teams through the final design of a project and provide technical support to other offices within SHA during planning and construction. HDD engineers are able to work on a wide range of engineering challenges tailored to match their interests. To ensure the delivery of fast-track and unique projects, HDD continues to explore and pilot innovative contracting methods that represent the best of the industry

Design Technical Services Division
The primary mission of the Design Technical Services Division (DTSD) is to set policy and provide design guidance to all of SHA and local MD governments on highway development. In support of that effort, DTSD maintains OHD’s computer and web applications, including an Integrated Design System aimed at the development of design productivity tools to improve work flow and manage highway assets. DTSD also employs a team of expert licensed engineers to provide design services to other divisions. Construction contracts for many divisions and districts are also advertised for bids by DTSD.

Community Design Division
The Community Design Division (CDD) is responsible for the design and management of SHA’s Neighborhood Conservation Program. CDD also designs much of SHA’s System Preservation Program, Highway Safety, Intersection Capacity and Resurfacing Programs. As a national pioneer in Context Sensitive Design practices, CDD developed and uses the award-winning handbook "When Main Street is a State Highway: A Handbook for Communities and Designers" to develop context-based roadway improvements.

Engineering Access Permits Division
The Engineering Access Permits Division (EAPD) administers state regulations pertaining to state highway access for commercial and subdivision development. EAPD issues access permits for commercial entrances, street connections and highway improvements and coordinates with local governments during their approval process for land use, subdivisions and developments. EAPD ensures that development adjacent to our system appropriately mitigates the safety and operational impacts of increased traffic. The development of major private sector investments such as the Arundel Mills Mall are negotiated by this office.

Plats and Surveys Division
The Plats and Surveys Division (PSD) plays a key role in the Planning, Design and Construction processes at MDOT, SHA, and other State Agencies. The early and continuous access to field surveys and property boundary information is the basis for developing a good foundation for any project. PSD explores and uses state of the art technology such as satellite photography and robotic survey equipment to ensure the quality, accuracy and speed with which this information is delivered. Primary functions of PSD are the identification of topographic features and property boundaries that can influence the design and costs of projects as well as property impacts. As the custodian of field survey information, PSD maintains an up-to-date inventory of existing survey data.

Highway Hydraulics Division
The Highway Hydraulics Division (HHD) provides engineering design services and develops policies, procedures and standards related to small waterway crossings, stormwater management and erosion/sediment control. HHD works closely with other offices and divisions at SHA to provide technical services, project management and plan reviews on environmental issues. HHD plays an important role in the development of environmentally sensitive designs as well as in the preparation of environmental permits and the subsequent coordination with regulatory agencies. HHD’s efforts in this area are recognized nationally for their leadership.

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