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Office of Materials Technology

Peter Stephanos, Director
2323 W. Joppa Road
Lutherville, Maryland 21093
410-321-3100    1-800-637-1290
[email protected]

Mission :The mission of the Office of Materials Technology is to provide materials related services to the planning, design, construction and maintenance offices of the State Highway Administration. These services are also provided to other transportation modal administrations, counties, and other state agencies and municipalities. The Office of Materials Technology has reorganized and is structured as follows:

  • Asphalt Technology Division
  • Concrete Technology Division
  • Soils & Aggregates Technology Division
  • Structural Materials and Coatings Evaluation Division
  • Field Explorations Division
  • Engineering Geology Division
  • Pavement and Geotechnical Division
  • Organizational Development and Computer Services Division
  • Materials Management Division

Asphalt, Concrete, and Soils & Aggregates Divisions
Each division is responsible for quality assurance/quality control, clearance and acceptance of materials used in transportation facility construction.

Asphalt - Greg Moore 410-321-4078
[email protected]
Concrete - Paul Finnerty 410-321-4111
[email protected]
Soils & Aggregates - Jeff Withee 410-321-4093
[email protected]

Structural Materials and Coatings Evaluation Division
The Structural Materials and Coatings Evaluation Division provides QC/QA inspection, testing and evaluation in both the laboratory and field for a full spectrum of materials and their fabrication and application (includes structural and reinforcing steel, complex coating systems, pavement marking materials and their application, and a wide variety of materials such as bridge bearings, fencing and bonding materials).

John Weisner 301-513-7373 [email protected]

Field Explorations Division
The Field Explorations Division is responsible for the testing and evaluation of our state highway infrastructure, as well as subsurface investigation (drilling) services.

Freddie Baker 410-321-3161 [email protected]

Engineering Geology Division
The Engineering Geology Division develops geotechnical designs for rock slopes and rock foundations; conducts groundwater contamination and quantity studies; reviews contractor blast designs; conducts seismic vibration studies; and makes HAZMAT site assessments.

A. David Martin 410-321-3107 [email protected]

Pavement and Geotechnical Division
The Pavement & Geotechnical Division is responsible for pavement design and pavement management. The division also provides geotechnical engineering services for designers and is SHA's geotechnical engineering resource for our construction and maintenance personnel.

Tim Smith 410-321-3110 [email protected]

Organizational Development and Computer Services Division
The Organizational Development and Computer Services Division is responsible for the Technician Certification program, OMT computer support and repair, computer application and Website development and support, SHA’s Long-Term Pavement Performance, the Experimental Features Program, new products, training, and performance excellence.

Barry Catterton 410-321-4102 [email protected]

Materials Management Division
The Materials Management Division is responsible for District support, independent assurance testing, and materials management system development and implementation. The District support services will include the creation of several (tentatively five) Area Materials Engineers, the first point of contact for District personnel on all material related matters. Material clearance responsibilities will also come under this division.

Woody Hood 410-321-4100 [email protected]
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