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Office of Traffic and Safety

Office Support Team
The Office Support Team provides the day-to-day administrative functions and production support necessary to meet the needs of our Division. This Team is responsible for managing the secretarial services and communications systems for TEDD. When in doubt about a TEDD-managed project, contact the OST -- they are all knowing and keep TEDD moving.

Traffic Control Device Design Team
The Traffic Control Device Design Team is responsible for the design and management of in-house, consultant and developer produced traffic signal projects. The Signal Design Team is divided into two teams specializing in specific production roles with staffing to support their program needs. In a given period of time, over 300 projects involving signal designs are in process ranging from simple to complex to extraordinary in both design and turnaround time for construction.

Positive Guidance Design Team
The Positive GuidanceDesign Team is responsible for the development of highway signing and pavement markings, specifications, standards and contracts, as well as management of in-house and consultant produced signing plans. The sign Design Team is divided into three teams to handle all signing needs statewide. Our signing program produces over 250 projects a year ranging from emergency knockdowns to major interstate signing projects.

Structural Design Team
The Structural Design Team is responsible for the design, review, inspection and management of the SHA's traffic control device structural support systems. The Structural Design Team provides the specifications, standards, and designs for all traffic control devices statewide. This team is available to other SHA offices to assist in the inspection of highway structures.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Design Team
The Intelligent Transportation Systems Design Team is responsible for the development of specifications, standards, design and engineering of specialized traffic control devices. These devices are the product of the CHART program where the CHART Steering Committee and OOTS determine the program for deployment of these devices. The ITS Design Team is the newest TEDD Team. This team designs VMS, TAR signing, traffic detection systems, CCTV and other high-tech traffic control systems. These systems are integrated into the Statewide Operations Center and become part of the CHART system.

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