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Office of Traffic and Safety

Engineering Support Team
The Engineering Support Team is responsible for the provision of engineering support to all design teams in TEDD, and assists the Management Team with various traffic engineering computer technology activities. This team develops and updates standards and specifications for OOTS, as well as develops and updates DOP's and CADD computer programs.

Traffic Operations Division
The Traffic Operations Division is responsible for constructing, modifying and maintaining traffic signals on the State highway system and for fabricating traffic signs for use on the State system and various local systems.

Office Engineering Section
The Office Engineering Section prepares and processes PS & E's for the remedial design of traffic signals, serve as expert witness when testifying in court regarding interpretation of signal phasing, timing and signal plans and they track, monitor and analyze expenditures against the Office of Traffic & Safety's maintenance activities.

Traffic Control Device Inspection Section
The Traffic Control Device Inspection Section is responsible for the technical inspection of various traffic control devices to certify contractor's conformance to SHA standards and specifications. They administer the Office of Traffic & Safety's areawide traffic control devices (TCD) contracts and provide technical inspections on maintenance, access permit and construction projects.

Sign Operations Section
The Sign Operations Section manufacturers highway signs for SHA district maintenance shops, DOT Modals, counties and cities in accordance with SHA guidelines and The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). They install, modify and perform routine and emergency repairs to ground mounted and overhead signs.

Signal Operations Section
The Signal Operations Section constructs and modifies new and existing traffic control signals statewide. They perform emergency and routine repairs of traffic signals, signal systems and portable changeable message signs.

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