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Mileage Inside the Municipalities Reports

These reports are in Adobe Acrobat format.

This report summarizes by county the mileage by pavement type and the total mileage of all state, county and municipally maintained roadways inside municipal boundaries. It also summarizes county maintained mileage outside of those boundaries.

2003 (35 kb) 2002 (32.1 kb) 2001 (23.5 kb) 2000 (56.7 kb) 1999 (48.5 kb)
1998 (48.5 kb)        

These reports summarize by county and municipality the mileage by pavement type of roadway mileage located within an individual municipality’s incorporated boundary and the mileage eligible for credit of Highway User Revenue Funds.

2003 (377 kb) 2002 (284 kb) 2001 (298 kb) 2000 (521 kb) 1999 (328 kb)
1998 (328 kb)        

Special Notes:

  • The term "URBAN" denotes roads located inside a municipality’s incorporated boundary.
  • The term "RURAL" indicates roads outside the boundaries.
  • The amount of state-maintained, municipally-maintained and county-maintained roadway mileage within that boundary is represented under the heading URBAN MILEAGE TABULATED.
  • The municipal mileage amount eligible for credit toward the distribution of the Highway User Revenue Fund is located under the column heading TOWN MILEAGE ON WHICH DISTRIBUTION WILL BE BASED.
  • The figures in the column "MILEAGE EXCEPTED BY CERTIFICATE" indicate roadway mileage located inside municipal boundaries, which have been certified to SHA as being maintained by the county. They are therefore not credited to that municipality for Highway User Revenue Fund distribution.
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