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Office of Real Estate (ORE)

Mission Statement
The Office of Real Estate's mission is to acquire real estate and provide real estate services for the State Highway Administration and other Maryland Department of Transportation (and State) projects in a timely, effective and customer-oriented manner.

Director's Office
The Director's Office is responsible for the implementation of SHA wide policies within ORE and for the formulation and implementation of ORE wide policies and procedures.

Special Assistants to the Director
This unit functions as part of the Director's Office and is responsible for coordinating cost estimates and cash flows for the Capital Program. It is also responsible for coordinating the Enhancement Program and Third Party Agreements for ORE.

Appraisal Review Division
This division is responsible for the review of all appraisals used in the acquisitions of real estate and for the setting of the just compensation to be offered to the property owners.

Property Review Division
This division is responsible for the review of all real estate acquisitions to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. It also presents cases to the State Roads Commission for approval to start condemnation proceedings when negotiations fail.

Special Acquisition Division
This division is responsible for real estate acquisitions from utilities and other public agencies and for special programs such as enhancements and wetland mitigation. It also takes on other acquisition projects in support of the District Offices as assigned by the Director. The coordination of the Outdoor Advertising Program is also assigned to this division.

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