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Office of Real Estate (ORE)

Real Estate Administration Division
This division is responsible for the administrative support functions for ORE. The division is composed of five sections:

Real Estate Advisory Group (REAG)
This section maintains and researches an inventory of all MDOT real estate holdings. It coordinates the inventory activities with the other modal administrations and MDOT Headquarters.

Real Estate Sales Section
This section is responsible for the disposal of excess SHA real estate.

Road Conveyance Section
This section is responsible for the transfer of road segments from SHA to various local agencies.

Records and Research Section
This section is responsible for the maintenance and storage of all records pertaining to the acquisition of real estate for SHA. It is also responsible for the research of SHA's claim to existing right-of-way.

Fiscal and Administrative Services Team (FAST)
This section is responsible for the setting up and close out of right-of-way projects, providing clear right-of-way certification coordination of right-of-way activities with local

public agencies, as well as providing other fiscal support activities.

Right-of-Way District Offices (7)
These Offices are parallel to and under the administrative control of the District Engineer's Offices. These Offices are responsible for the field activities associated with the acquisition of right-of-way for the Capital Program and the district operations. These activities include providing cost estimates, appraisals, relocation assistance and the acquisition of real estate. The District Offices are also responsible for the rental of surplus SHA real estate within the district's boundaries.

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