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Maryland Department of Transportation
State Highway Administration
Accessibility Policy & Guidelines for
Pedestrian Facilities along State Highways
December 2005

Driveway Crossings

Where sidewalk crosses a driveway or entrance, limitations on ramp and sidewalk criteria will still apply. The SHA standard details do not satisfactorily address the condition where sidewalk crosses an entrance, in terms of compliance with the currently accepted guidelines. (New standards are being developed). The designer is required to provide detailed designs for special entrances, as necessary.

The following issues should be considered for special designs:

  • At the point of crossing, the driveway/entrance profile is in fact the sidewalk cross-slope. Where the sidewalk crosses the driveway/entrance, 2% cross-slope is the maximum.
  • The sidewalk width can be reduced to a minimum 36” at the driveway crossing.
  • The location of the sidewalk relative to the curb can be varied to meet slope limitations.
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Revised: June 18, 2008