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Testing Lab/Certification Program

Welding Certification: The Maryland State Highway Administration certifies welders to the American Welding Society (AWS) D1.5 Bridge Welding Code. Only welders who are certified and have a photo-ID card issued by the Office of Materials and Technology (OMT) will be allowed to perform welding on Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) structures.

Welding tests are given at the OMT, Brooklandville facility on Monday through Thursday, except holidays, from 7:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Welders must have their own personal equipment - face shield, gloves, wire brush, chipping hammer, etc. Welders can use their own welding equipment or that supplied by OMT at the Brooklandville facility.

Weld tests are evaluated using x-ray and consist of making welds in the vertical and overhead positions. Welders who fail to make passing welds may ask to review their x-rays to determine the cause for failure.

How to: Welders who want to become certified to perform welding on MDOT projects should contact:

Joe Madison

phone: 410-321-4121 / 1-800-637-1290   or:

Bennie Thomas

phone: 410-321-4123 / 1-800-637-1290

Tim Howard

phone: 301-513-7393 / 1-800-749-0737

A fee of $175.00 is charged, unless a welder has a signed letter from a contractor with a valid MDOT project number requesting the individual be given the welding test. An individual failing to pass on their first attempt will be allowed to take one re-test at no additional charge. Failure to pass on the second attempt requires a mandatory six (6) month waiting period to re-test, and any fees where appropriate will apply.

OMT Qualified Products List

Qualified Materials: The Office of Materials and Technology maintains a listing of Qualified Materials used on Maryland State Highway Administration construction projects. Qualified materials are those which have undergone a prescribed procedure for submittal, testing, and preapproval. Qualification does not imply that materials can be used on SHA projects without regard for normal Quality Assurance testing and procedures.

For more information contact:  Stu Jones

phone: 410-321-4113 / 1-800-637-1290

e-mail:  [email protected]

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