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Self Evaluation Plan
  Action Plan and Schedule
Maryland State Highway Administration
ADA Self-Evaluation of Access to Public Right of Way (PROW)
November 14, 2006

A. Statement of Goals/Objectives/Definition of Scope (what)


  • Develop a comprehensive approach to evaluate existing access to PROW
  • Identify areas requiring improvements to achieve accessibility
  • Provide opportunities for public participation
  • Maintain a list of interested persons who have been consulted
  • Document areas examined and problems identified
  • Describe any modifications made


  • Sidewalks (including gaps), crosswalks, blockages, cross slopes and right of way
  • Curb ramps and curb cuts
  • Detectable warnings

B. Identification of existing facilities limiting access to PROW

  • Data collection/inventory
  • Determine deficiencies
  • Establish ADA Advisory Committee
  • Public meetings for self-evaluation

Note: To perform an organized and systematic evaluation and the magnitude of the data collection effort, the State Highway Administration has decided to proceed on a county-by-county or regional basis with opportunities for public input in each county. As each county’s inventory is complete, and as funding is available, projects can be implemented through the transition plan. This inventory will facilitate early implementation of projects as the self-evaluation process continues.

C. Report on Self-Evaluation - October through completion

A “living” draft report will be prepared as the self-evaluation progresses county-by-county. This draft report will be available for public review and used to inform the transition planning process until the final report is complete. The report will include:

  • A list of the interested persons who have been consulted
  • A summary of public input
  • A description of the areas examined and any problems identified
  • A description of any modifications made (i.e. action plan)

The self-evaluation report will be developed with the following steps:

  • Draft Self-Evaluation Report
  • Solicit review and comment from people with disabilities and other interested individuals or organizations
  • Finalize Self-Evaluation Report
  • Make final Report available for public inspection

A final report will be prepared summarizing the results of the self-evaluation.

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