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Appendix C: Standard Road Widening and Paving Details
Removal of Existing Shoulders for Full Depth Replacement and/or
Base Widening (PDF, 27 kb)
Typical Shoulder Removal and Widening (PDF, 30 kb)
Typical Shoulder Build-Up Section (PDF, 29 kb)
Typical Half Section Resurfacing Mill and Overlay (PDF, 26 kb)
Typical Full Section Overlay (PDF, 28 kb)
Typical Wedge/Level and Overlay for Crown Shift Removal and
Widening (PDF, 31 kb)
Typical Closed Section Grading (PDF, 35 kb)
Typical Open Section (PDF, 40 kb)
Typical Subdivision Access Bypass Lane (PDF, 37 kb)
Typical Frontage Channelization for Commercial Development (PDF, 29 kb)
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