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Truck Weigh & Inspection Stations

 Truck Weigh & Inspection Stations
The Motor Carrier Division (MCD), in cooperation with the Maryland State Police (MSP) and other enforcement agencies that specifically enforce laws related to commercial motor vehicles, is responsible for the safe movement of commercial vehicles along Maryland State Highways. The MSP provides on-site truck inspections to examine the commercial vehicles and drivers, overlength, overweight, overheight and other mechanical features for a safety determination at the Truck Weigh and Inspection Stations (TWIS) located along major highways in Maryland, and at pull-off sites provided for roving crews. Maryland has 11 permanent stations with fixed scales and 7 Pull-Off locations for mobile crews. For further information on the Truck Weigh and Inspections Stations, call the Maryland State Police, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, 901 Elkridge Landing Road, Room 300, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090, Telephone 410-694-6100.

Gross Weight of Vehicles

Based upon Maryland statistical data, 1,800,000 trucks and commercial vehicles are weighed and 95,000 vehicles are inspected each year. Overweight vehicles, in addition to being a potential safety hazard to highway traffic, put a strain on existing pavement and the design life expectancy of roads and bridges. To minimize the damage to bridges and pavement caused by too heavy vehicles, Maryland has adopted the federal bridge formula and table, commonly known as the “Bridge Table” which is detailed on pages 35 and 36 in the Maryland Motor Carrier Handbook (PDF, 946Kb) Download Accessible PDF Plug-in. Maryland deploys Weigh-In-Motion (WIM), static scales and portable scales to weigh vehicles at its weigh and inspection stations and pull-off sites.

Width of Vehicles

The maximum allowable vehicle width in Maryland is 102 inches, on interstates and designated systems. (96 inches on all other highways). The width of a vehicle includes any load that it carries and shall be exclusive of safety and energy conservation devices, such as side mirrors, turn signal lamps, marker lamps, steps and handholds for entry and egress. For a detailed description of the Maryland vehicle width law, refer to Title 24, Subsection 102 of the Maryland Vehicle Law.

Height of Vehicles and Loads

The vehicle and load height limit in Maryland is 13 feet 6 inches. To obtain hauling permits for overheight loads and vehicles, contact State Highway Administration, Motor Carrier Division, Hauling Permits Section at 410-582-5717 or 1-800-846-6435.

Length of Vehicles and Loads

The length of a vehicle includes its front and rear bumpers and any part of its load that extends beyond the vehicle, but is exclusive of nonload bearing safety and energy conservation devices, such as marker lamps, steps and handhold for entry and egress, front-mounted refrigeration units, and front-mounted air compressors. Refer to the Maryland Vehicle Law Title 24, subsection 104.1 for a list of the different vehicle length limits in Maryland.

Permits for excess size, height and weight

To obtain hauling permits for oversized, overheight and overweight vehicles, contact State Highway Administration, Motor Carrier Division, Hauling Permits Section at 410-582-5717 or 1-800-846-6435.

Weigh/Inspection Information – Surrounding States

Virginia State Police
Truck Weigh Station
491 Southlake Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23236

Delaware State Police
P.O. Box 430
Dover,DE 19903

West Virginia
Public Service Commission
P.O. Box 812
Charleston, WV 25323
304-340-0453 (safety)
304-558-2881 (weight)

New Jersey
New Jersey State Police
P.O. Box 7068
West Trenton, NJ 08628-0068
609-882-2000, ext. 2237

Department of Transportation
Motor Carrier Division
400 North Street, 6th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17120

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