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Erosion and Sediment Control Certification Program

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) in cooperation with Maryland Highway Contractor’s Association (MHCA) is offering a certification program for Construction Personnel and Designers responsible for Erosion and Sediment Control implementation. Listed below is information regarding the certification program.

SHA E & S Training Program

  GREEN CARD BASIC E & S (New) For Contractors and Inspectors DESIGN COURSE (Coming Soon)
Course length 0.5 day 1.5 days 1.0 day
Prerequisite None Green Card Green Card &
Basic E & S
Cost Free $75 $60
Requirement Source MDE SHA SHA
Coverage Legal Regulatory Policy SHA Initiative, Basic science, Critical elements of proper Installation and Maintenance of E & S Controls, How to use E & S Quality Assurance checklist to self monitor the compliance, Process for modification to designs and the SHA organization.

Design considerations, Standards, Plan preparation, Specifications, and Design strategies.
Exam and Certification Yes Yes Yes
Valid Through 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years


Schedule and Registration

Contact MHCA

Information Contact

MHCA 410-760-9505

SHA 410-545-8390


The Green Card Course is a pre-requisite to the Basic E & S Course. It is expected that MDE will establish a certification cut-off date which will require those with certifications dating from before the cut-off date to retake the course and be recertified. The training is offered on regular basis by SHA and MDE.

The Basic E & S Course is for contractor project managers and E & S responsible personnel including inspectors and supervisors. The Basic E & S Course is a pre-requisite to the Designer Course. The courses are being offered on regular basis.

The Designer Course is required for designers of Erosion and Sediment Controls and suggested for contractor project management and E & S system supervisory personnel on design build projects. The design course is coming up in near future however not being offered at this time.




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