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For the End of the Fourth Business Quarter December 2003:
Please import the new Estimator files with Category Codes for the new Standard Specifications for Construction and Materials dated January 2001 (cesitem.csv, dated 1/20/04, and bidhiste.csv, dated 1/20/04) as soon as possible. Your company must have these files uploaded to your Estimator software before submitting any more estimates. New items may have been added, some items made obsolete, or some item descriptions edited.

All projects to be advertised now utilize the 2001 book.

NOTE: You should be using Estimator Version 1.8a-1 (Released 2/9/01)

Complete New Estimator Version:
State Highway will not be implementing the new version until further notice. We will be revising the Step by Step for the new version, and offering training for anyone who wants it at that time.

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