Reforestation Law 5-103 Summary

The Maryland Reforestation Law was created to protect Maryland's Forests from being removed without adequate replacement. This law requires an acre for acre replacement of forest removed during road construction. The law also specifies the minimum required plantings and locations of plantings. Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Forest Service, is responsible for administering this law.

Reforestation Law

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Reforestation Law - Summary To Construction Agencies
The following summary has been prepared by DNR Public Lands Forest Service (Central Region Office) to highlight significant aspects of the Natural Resources Article, Section 5-103, which became law on January 1, 1988.

Affected Parties

1a. All units of government or person(s)/projects using State funding.

2a. All above parties clearing one acre or more of forest land due to construction activities (see attached Reforestation Law for definition of "forest")

3a. All non-highway, public, State funded projects let out for construction bid after July 1 - , 1992 must conform to Forest Conservation Act (F.C.A.) requirements.

Note: The intent of the law is to preserve existing forest land. Every effort must be made not to remove the forest! However, if forest land removal must occur, it should be minimal and must be replaced per the following requirements.

Law's Main Requirements

1b. Forest replacement shall occur on a one-to-one basis, on public lands.

2b. Constructing agency must locate reforestation/afforestation sites (per item 1b, above and item 1c below).


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