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Maryland Department of Transportation
State Highway Administration
The Maryland Roadside Tree Law

Roadside Tree Care Regulations
Title 08
Department Of Natural Resources
Subtitle 07 Forest And Parks
Chapter 02 Roadside Tree Care

.01 Purpose

.02 Definitions

- What a roadside tree is
- What a pesticide is
- Who is a roadside tree care expert

.03 Permit Required

- When a roadside tree permit is required
- What activities are exempt from the regulations

.04 Types of Roadside Tree Care Permits

- Permits for a specific tree or group of trees
- Permits for comprehensive and continuing programs

.05 Issuance of Roadside Tree Care Permits

- Who may request a permit
- How a permit is issued
- What information is required in a permit - When can a permit be issued

.06 Fees

- Fees for comprehensive and continuing programs - Fees for a specific tree or group of trees

.07 Roadside Tree Care Standards

- General Requirements
- Tree Clearance for Overhead Facilities - Ground Disturbance Requirements
- Protection of Tree Roots
- Violations of Roadside Tree Standards

.08 Use of Pesticides

- Use of Pesticides on roadside trees

.09 Roadside Tree Planting

- Use of the recommended tree list
- Conforming to the American Standard for Nursery Stock
-Use of a roadside tree planting plan

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Revised: June 18, 2008