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The Maryland Roadside Tree Law

.08 Use of Pesticides.

(3) Before the time of pesticide application, the Forest Service shall be notified by a permittee of the approximate time and place of application;
(4) Except when authorized by the Forest Service, a tree may not be treated with herbicides unless ft is 6 feet or less in height.
(5) Dead plant material resulting from the application of an herbicide shall be removed if necessary for aesthetic or safety reasons, or both;
(6) Every reasonable precaution shall be taken to:

(a) Avoid the use of herbicides on vegetation which contributes to soil retention, particularly at highway cuts and fills and other areas with steep slopes, and
(b) Prevent the pollution of streams and damage to adjoining properties.

.09 Roadside Tree Planting.

A. Trees to be planted on a public road right-of-way are subject to the conditions in B and C of this regulation, in addition to conditions imposed by local ordinances.
B. Trees shall be of a species and variety from the recommended tree list, and shall conform to the American Standard for Nursery Stock, Approved 1990, by the American National Standards Institute, Inc., which is incorporated by reference.
C. Roadside tree planting shall comply with a planting plan, approved by the Forest Service, which may include:

(1) Stump removal;
(2) Size and type of planting stock;
(3) Planting specifications;
(4) Spacing;
(5) Species;
(6) Proximity to overhead wires;
(7) Care and maintenance; and
(8) Other site considerations.

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