SHA Online Bidding Evaluation

The Maryland State Highway Administration is evaluating Bid Express as a possible online advertisement and bidding solution to increase efficiency in the bidding process. We would like to invite the contracting community to join us in the review and evaluation of this solution and help us to make certain that it is configured to provide the best value to our customers. The "Parallel Bidding" phase of the evaluation is about to begin and we would like to ask for volunteers from the contracting community to partner with SHA on this effort.

The Parallel Bidding phase will involve a specific list of SHA projects from various disciplines, including Highway Design, Bridge Design, Maintenance, Traffic and Hydraulics. Below is a list of projects identified to be part of the parallel bidding evaluation. On these projects we are asking contractors to submit their bids in both traditional paper bid format and via the new electronic bid process. The traditional hard copy bid package will be the official submittal and will be the basis for the contract award. The electronic bid submittal will be an evaluation submittal only. Nothing associated with the electronic bid will be used as a basis for the award of the contract. Should you volunteer for this effort, representatives from SHA will work closely with you to provide a free temporary license for the Bid Express system, and training for your staff in the use of the software.

We strongly encourage full participation in this effort so that SHA can adequately evaluate the Bid Express system and configure it to meet SHA’s needs and the needs of the contracting community. There will be three half day training sessions scheduled at SHA’s Facility located at 7450 Traffic Drive, Hanover MD 21076 in the Office of Materials Computer Training Room (CR O101). The sessions will run at 8:00 am and 1:00 pm on October 1st, and 8:00 am on October 2nd. Contractors will need to sign up for the training no later than 12:00 noon on Monday September 29, 2008 by contacting Ms. Andrea Spriggs via email at [email protected] and indicating which session would like to attend. The sessions will filled on a first come first serve basis. We can train a maximum of 30 volunteers and all testing accounts will be closed when testing is complete. Additional support will also be provided to the contractors participating in the parallel letting pilot by BidX via phone or email. At the end, there will be an online survey to get everyone's feedback on the process.

Should you be unable to participate in the parallel letting process, we also invite you to contact us so that you can come to SHA to participate in additional training sessions that will be conducted by SHA staff.

Parallel Bidding Projects (all dates listed are subject to change)

Contract Ad Date Bid Date Description
XX4285185 10/07/2008 11/13/2008 LED/ADA/APS Installation in District 6 & 7
HO4265180 10/07/2008 11/13/2008 Bridge Deck Replacemen
SO4215180 No longer included
AL8795184 10/21/2008 11/25/2008 Comm Safety & Enhancement
4770251410 10/28/2008 11/25/2008 Install, Repair, Replace Traffic Barrier in AA Co
FR3275184     No longer included

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