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County: Allegany Cost of Plans: $35.00          
Contract No.: Al3265177 Project Classification: D          
Bid Opening Date: May 25, 2006 Funding: Federal Aid          
Description: This project, located in Allegany County, is for the safety          
and resurfacing of a portion of IS-68 (Dual). Beginning at MD 936 Bridge          
No. 0111303 and extending in an Easterly direction to the MD 55 Bridge No.          
0111503 for a total distance of 2.33 miles. The work will consist of the          
following: -Partial and Full Depth Patching, Carbide Grinding, Drainage,          
Improvements, Traffic Barrier Improvements, Resurfacing, Application of          
Reflective Preformed Patterned Pavement, Markings, -Installation of          
Shoulder Rumble Strips and Recessed Reflective Pavement Markers.          
Pre-Bid Conference: A Pre-Bid Session will not be held for this project          
Plans may be purchased from the Cashier's Office 211 East Madison Street,          
Baltimore, Maryland 21202 (410-545-8490). When material is mailed an          
additional 10% will be charged for mailing and handling.          
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