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Contractor's Inquiry Responses

Contract No. AA4105174

Inq. 4 Post Date:   12/29/2008 Inquiry Date:   12/29/2008
  Q. On SHA Contract No. AA4105174 on sheet 4 of 35 tells of area that gets flowable fill and box culvert and other pipe refer to Section 303 of 2001 Standard specifications. I read them and is it the excavated material we dig out used for backfill or Cr6 or #57 stone?
  A. Please refer to Section 303 of the 2001 Standard Specifications, which should be used to determine the type of backfill used for the pipe.

Inq. 3 Post Date:   12/22/2008 Inquiry Date:   12/22/2008
  Q. Can precast 32" F Shape Temporary Concrete Traffic Barriers be used on this project as an equal to the water filled barriers for maintenance of traffic?
  A. The water filled barriers are used to eliminate the need of placing crash cushions or end treatments, which would be necessary if the barriers were concrete. So the two are not equal. Also, since the temporary lane closure on MD 3B is only permitted from 9am to 3pm Mon. thru Fri., water filled barriers would be much easier for removing and resetting, while the temporary concrete barriers are for a relatively long-term closure set-up.

Inq. 2 Post Date:   12/22/2008 Inquiry Date:   12/22/2008
  Q. Schedule of Prices are items 1001 and 1007 duplicated bid items?
  A. Schedule of Prices items 1001 and 1007 are not duplicate items. Item 1001 - Linear feet of removal of removable preformed pavement markings - any width, will be combined should be combined with Item 1007 - Linear feet of removal of removable preformed pavement markings - any width. Therefore there will be a total of 6240 linear feet of removal of removable preformed pavement markings - any width.

Inq. 1 Post Date:   12/8/2008 Inquiry Date:   12/8/2008
  Q. Proposal form packet page 26 of 28, states that the contract time is 128 working days. Plan Sheet MT-01 gives the following work durations: Phase 1 30 working days Phase 2 140 working days Phase 3 80 working days Phase 4 5 working days Phase 5 5 working days TOTAL 260 working days Is the correct contract completion 128 working days or 260 working days?
  A. The correct contract completion is 128 working days. Disregard contract completion time shown on MT-01. Please continue to refer to contract packet page 26 of 28 for the contract completion time.

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