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For additional information on Contract Number (FR5325327) click here

Contractor's Inquiry Responses

Contract No. FR5325327

Inq. 31 Post Date:   2/8/2008 Inquiry Date:   2/8/2008
  Q. When is the last date for submitting inquiries ?
  A. Please refer to Inquiry # 20; the last date that inquiries will be accepted is Monday February 11, 2008.

Inq. 30 Post Date:   2/6/2008 Inquiry Date:   2/6/2008
  Q. I have a request for information. This request concerns the new geomembrane liner for the lagoon. The pipe penetration detail, Detail 3, drawing WW-07, shows use of Polylock at the edges of the pipe penetration boot. Polylock is an HDPE material. The geomembrane specified for the lagoon is 8130 XR5. The materials are not compatible, and XR5 cannot be welded to HDPE. Please advise. Thank you.
  A. Detail 3, drawing WW-07 identifies the use of Polylock or equivalent. The intent of the reference is to establish the requirement of an embedment strip or seal method similar to that of the polylock function to reinforce the liner pipe penetration. The equivalent shall be compatible with the installed liner material identified in Specification Section 06010 and as recommended by the specified liner manufacturer.

Inq. 29 Post Date:   2/1/2008 Inquiry Date:   2/1/2008
  Q. When can we expect the next addendum? Will it contain any new drawings?
  A. Addendum # 3 will be sent to all plan holders early next week. There will be no additional drawings to the bid set but there will be revisions to several existing drawings. Revised drawings (hard copy only) will be included in Addendum #3.

Inq. 28 Post Date:   2/1/2008 Inquiry Date:   2/1/2008
  Q. The answer to inquiry 18 states that a significant sludge removal effort was performed in June 2007. Who performed the removal? What was the cost? How much sludge was removed?
  A. R & R Environmental Inc. Cost ---------------- 45.8 dry tons at an average of 16.23% solids content (range of solids contents = 3.7% to 29.5 %)

Inq. 27 Post Date:   1/28/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/15/2008
  Q. Drawing A-01 Note 9 requires a 36" modified bitumen ice dam protection at all eaves, please provide clarification and possibly a detail of how you want this installed in a metal building.
  A. This note will be removed as part of a future addendum

Inq. 26 Post Date:   1/9/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/9/2008
  Q. Do the aeration tubes need to be saved?
  A. No.

Inq. 25 Post Date:   1/9/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/9/2008
  Q. What is the contact info (name, address, and phone) of the MCI facility where MES transfer and disposes of wastewater and sludge (Section 02200 page 2 of 2).
  A. Prospective bidders should contact Al Razik (410-729-8320) at MES Headquarters for any questions relating to transfer and or processing of wastewater, sludge to and from MES operated facilities.

Inq. 24 Post Date:   1/23/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/9/2008
  Q. How full will the lagoons be when turned over to the contractor?
  A. Refer to the answer to Inquiry #18

Inq. 23 Post Date:   1/9/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/8/2008
  Q. Specification 09911-Exterior Painting does not include painting for the piping and mechanical equipment. Please provide a painting specification for the interior piping and equipment.
  A. Additional painting information is located in SECTION 15010 - BASIC MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS, CONSTRUCTION and SECTION 15050 - PIPING SYSTEMS of the technical specifications, as well as the references the Frederick County Standard Specifications.

Inq. 22 Post Date:   1/8/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/8/2008
  Q. According to the Maryland roads website for the Welcome Center, contract FR5325127, the contract time is 730 calendar days. It is our understanding the Welcome Center, contract FR5325127, project has not been awarded at this time. Contract FR5325327 Page 52 implies the plant testing occurs after the Welcome Center is operational. Please confirm the Welcome Center, contract FR5325127, will be completed prior to the required time frame for testing of the treatment center, contract FR5325327. If the Welcome Center will not be complete, will contract FR5325327 be issued a contract time extension until the Welcome Center, contract FR5325127 is operational and the contract FR5325327 has time to perform required testing.
  A. The Welcome Center Project is anticipated to be awarded in the near future. One reason for the delay in the bid opening ( See Inquiry #20) for the Waste Water Treatment Plant Project is to bring the schedules of both projects into better alignment. The inquiry is correct in that one required test is done once the Welcome Centers are reopened and the plant is fully operational. Assuming there are no other contractual issues, it would seem reasonable to grant a time extension in the event that the full operation test could not be completed due to the Welcome Centers not being reopened in a timely fashion.

Inq. 21 Post Date:   1/9/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/8/2008
  Q. Section 875-Utilities Statement references Allegheny Power. Drawing EE-01, sheet 23, new work note #1 states to coordinate work with Allegheny Power. Allegheny Power has informed me they had priced this project to Min Engineering over a year ago and the price will need to be updated. Has the engineer/ SHA requested updated pricing? Please confirm ALL costs for the work provided by Allegheny Power will be paid for by SHA, NOT the Contractor.
  A. All Allegheny Power costs associated with new or revised service for the Waste Water Treatment Plant will be paid for by the SHA. This does not include temporary service that may be required for construction activities. Yes the SHA has requested a price update.

Inq. 20 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/7/2008
  Q. Will the project bid date be changed.
  A. Yes. An addendum will be sent to all plan holders delaying the receipt of bids until Thursday February 21, 2008. Furthermore additional inquiries will be accepted until February 11, 2008.

Inq. 19 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/7/2008
  Q. Specifications require that we provide the 'Engineers Office" section 103 pages 311-313 Internet and Computer equipment. Can you confirm to us providing a telephone number that internet service is available at this location?
  A. There is no wi-fi service at either welcome center. The telephone number for the Eastbound Welcome Center is 301-293-2526. However it should be noted that both welcome centers are scheduled to be demolished as part of the concurrent welcome center replacement project. Our suggestion is to contact Verizon directly to determine the availability of service. The contact is Dennis Schaefer - Verizon - 301-624-5646.

Inq. 18 Post Date:   1/23/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/4/2008
  Q. Can the super nitrates (clear water) from the lagoons be processed through the treatment facility on site? Is there any information on volume of sludge as well as any analytical information on the sludge? These questions are imperative to the sludge removal subs ability to provide an accurate cost.
  A. The clear water from the lagoons will be treated and discharged to the extent possible prior to shut-down. It is anticipated that the liquid level to be managed by the contractor will be in the range of 4-5 feet deep. Although the quantity of sludge is unknown, a significant sludge removal effort was performed in June of 2007. Also for informational purposes the testing data obtained during the 2007 sludge removal process will be provided as part of a future addendum. Furthermore MES cannot transport the sludge but can accept the sludge at their MCI Waste Water Treatment Plant. Also refer to Inquiry # 25 for contact information.

Inq. 17 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/4/2008
  Q. The pre-bid meeting minutes reference a sign-in sheet. Could a copy of this sign-in sheet of the attendees to the pre-bid please be forwarded to our office? This will aid the contractors in inviting all the MBE contractors which were in attendance.
  A. Please refer to Question # 6 in the Pre-Bid Meeting minutes. The state procurement law precludes the distribution of the any information that gives knowledge of prospective bidders including pre-bid sign in sheets. However if you go to the SHA web site a list of plan holders for the project is provided.

Inq. 16 Post Date:   1/8/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/4/2008
  Q. Section 875-Utilities Statement references relocation of 4-5 poles by Verizon. Dennis Schaefer at Verizon of Maryland has told me Verizon is billing ALL costs related to this relocation to SHA. Please confirm ALL costs for the relocation from Verizon will be paid for by SHA, NOT the Contractor.
  A. Correct. However the contractor is responsible to coordinate with Verizon to assure this work is accomplished.

Inq. 15 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/4/2008
  Q. In Section 875-Utilities Statement the phone number for Keith Brown at Frederick City Department of Public Works rings busy. Please provide an accurate telephone number for the Department of Public Works.
  A. Rodney Winebrenner - Frederick County Division Utilities and Solid Waste Management - 301-600-2574 Dennis Schaefer - Verizon - 301-624-5646 Keith Brown - City of Frederick - 301-694-1169

Inq. 14 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/4/2008
  Q. All the telephone numbers I've located for the Frederick County offices either ring busy or are not in service. Please provide current contact information for the local municipality, Frederick County, offices for permitting. The specification indicates the building permit is by SHA; however the contractor is responsible for any other permits and fees.
  A. See response to Inquiry #15. Also because this is a state project, building permits from local jurisdictions are not required. However the SHA will be responsible for MDE Storm Water Management / Erosion & Sediment Control Approval, MDE Water & Sewerage Approval and DNR Reforestation Approval.

Inq. 13 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/4/2008
  Q. Drawing EE-1 - Will the electrical service be able to be shut down without any back-up power source in order to install the new service once the welcome center closes in April?
  A. Service interruptions will be allowable if brief and coordinated with MES who is managing the equipment located in the existing operations building and the contractor for Contract FR5325127.

Inq. 12 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/4/2008
  Q. Drawing PS-01 / #5 indicates 6'-0 high fences, however the gate on drawing DE-01 / #14 indicates 5'-0 height. Please clarify if the fence and gate are to be 5'-0 or 6'-0.
  A. The fence height is to be 6'-0 as indicated. The height of the gate shall be 6'0" to match the fence height.

Inq. 11 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/4/2008
  Q. There does not appear to be any Fence detail on the drawings, however the Gate detail, on sheet DE-01 drawing #14, indicates the chain link mesh to be 2" x 9ga Galvanized. Please confirm this type of mesh is to be used on the entire fence system. The SHA standard #690.01 references Coated mesh
  A. The fence shall be made of galvanized steel mesh, consistent with the gate.

Inq. 10 Post Date:   1/8/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/4/2008
  Q. Standard Specification 2001 section 103.03.08-Specific Field Office Requirements indicates four types of engineers offices, Type A thru Type D, please clarify which type is to be used on this project.
  A. A Type "C" Engineers Office will be added by addendum as an additional Item.

Inq. 9 Post Date:   1/23/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/3/2008
  Q. Phase Converters - Are the phase converters part of the SBR package? If not, is there a specification available for the phase converters?
  A. This will be addressed in a future addendum.

Inq. 8 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/2/2008
  Q. Drawing EE10 of 11 and Drawing EE 11 of 11 - Are the panels "SP", "MP" and "GP" to have NEMA 3R or NEMA 4X enclosures?
  A. All enclosures for Panels are NEMA 4X, stainless steel.

Inq. 7 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/2/2008
  Q. Drawing EE9 of 11, Detail "E" - Conduit inside of a steel pole is impracticable if not impossible. First, there is no way to support the conduit. Also, a 90 degree elbow will not fit at the top and there is no way to seal the seal-off fittings inside of the pole. There is no reason to have the conduit, seal-offs or Class 1, Division 2 switch. Can these items be eliminated?
  A. Additional information will be provided via subsequent addenda.

Inq. 6 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/2/2008
  Q. Drawing EE11 of 11 - Panel MP is described as 1 Phase, 4 Wire. Should it be 3 Phase, 4 Wire or 1 Phase, 3 Wire?
  A. Panel "MP" is 120/240v, 1 phase, 3W.

Inq. 5 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/2/2008
  Q. Drawing EE11 of 11 - Panel SP is described as "SP (Section 1)". Is there another section? If so, where is the panel schedule?
  A. Additional information will be provided via subsequent addenda.

Inq. 4 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   12/27/2007
  Q. Drawings 19 & 22 reference a Canopy at the Mechanical Screen dumpster area. Please provide more specifications and details so this canopy can be accurately priced.
  A. Please refer to Sheet No. 22, CANOPY NOTES, located below the influent mechanical screen detail. The intent of the canopy is to protect the motor of the mechanical screen, as well as the waste receptacle from wet-weather while still allowing sufficient access for maintenance of the screen and frequent removal/disposal of waste from the waste receptacle.

Inq. 3 Post Date:   1/9/2008 Inquiry Date:   1/2/2008
  Q. I cannot find any site lighting on any plans; however, on Drawing EE.9 of 11, there is a detail for site lighting. Where can the site lights be found?
  A. Site lighting location(s) are identified on Sheet EE-05 for the area near the mechanical screen and EE-03 for lighting mounted on the outside of the WWTF building.

Inq. 2 Post Date:   1/7/2008 Inquiry Date:   12/28/2007
  Q. Is there any way a CADD file could be made available? In order to get an accurate cut/fill takeoff, we need drawings to show proposed and existing contours, buildings, and paved areas. The best drawings we can find are missing information in hatched areas and have random existing contours missing completely. Otherwise we will have to take a guess as to what is going on, which could lead disparity in the bids.
  A. CADD files will not be provided. However the SHA will provide a PDF copy of Sheets 5&6 with the shading removed to those plan holders who request same by e-mail. These un-shaded sheets will for information purposes only to aid bidders in the preparation of their bids.

Inq. 1 Post Date:   12/17/2007 Inquiry Date:   12/17/2007
  Q. When will the minutes of the pre-bid meeting be available and how can I get a copy.
  A. The minutes are available and you may receive a copy by e-mailing the project manager, Mr.James Keseling. His e-mail address is [email protected]

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