Consultant Services Center

Welcome to the Consultant Services Center Web Page. All Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Architectural/Engineering (A/E) projects are pursued on a competitive technical/negotiated price basis. Projects over $200,000 are pursued in accordance with COMAR 21.12.02 which sets forth the Regulations of the Transportation Professional Services Selection Board (TPSSB) and the Internal Guidelines promulgated by MDOT.

The Office of Consultant Services advertises all MDOT TPSSB A/E projects over $200,000 to solicit Consultant Expressions of Interest. The advertisements set forth herein are identical to the advertisements placed in The Daily Record and in the Maryland Contract Weekly. The advertisement date set forth herein is the publication date of The Daily Record advertisement for a project(s). If you require additional information or need assistance please contact us at [email protected].

Standard SHA Request for Proposal (Download Accessible PDF Plug-in)  (PDF, 1.45mb) which details how a Consultant shall prepare Technical and Price Proposals. Also included are the standard General Conditions included in all A/E Contracts.

I-270 Multi-Modal Corridor Public Private Partnership

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