Maryland SHA Qualified Products List

Maryland State Highway Administration

The Office of Materials Technology (OMT) and Office of Traffic and Safety (OOTS) maintain a listing of Qualified Materials used on Maryland State Highway Administration construction projects. Qualified materials are those which have undergone a prescribed procedure for submittal, testing, and qualification.

Qualification does not imply that materials can be used on SHA projects without regard for normal Quality Assurance testing and procedures.

To have products evaluated for inclusion onto the Qualified Products List (QPL) or if you have questions/comments regarding the QPL, visit www.shavmwwwspdev/MPEL/

Once into the MPEL site, click on the Qualified Products List to view the current list or click on Vendor Registration to have a product evaluated to be placed on the QPL. At the bottom of the page you can click "Contact Us" for any specific questions.

Questions concerning this list should be directed to Stuart E. Jones, OMT Qualified Materials Representative, or Ken Harn, Qualified Traffic Products Coordinator.

Stuart Jones - Phone: 443-572-5025     Toll Free: 866-926-8501     Fax: 410-787-0483
Email: [email protected]

Ken Harn - Phone: 410-787-4080     Toll Free: 888-963-0307     Fax: 410-787-5823
Email: [email protected]

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OMT Qualified Products (PDF, 786Kb)
OMT Qualified Products (ZIP)

download qualified materials graphic
OOTS Qualified Products (PDF, 149Kb)
OOTS Qualified Products (ZIP)