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Appendix B: Standard Entrance and Street Connection Details
Depressed Curb Entrances (PDF, 154 kb)
Commercial 2-Way Street (PDF, 26 kb)
Commercial 1-Way Entrance (Inbound Only) (PDF, 24 kb)
Commercial Right-In/Right-Out Entrance for Passenger Vehicles (PDF, 42 kb)
Commercial Right-In/Right-Out Entrance for Commercial Vehicles (20') (PDF, 44 kb)
Commercial Monumental Entrance(PDF, 39 kb)
Typical Open Section Street Connection (PDF, 28 kb)
Typical Closed Section Street Connection (PDF, 29 kb)
Directional Median Crossover 20' Median (PDF, 43 kb)
Directional Median Crossover 30' Median (PDF, 46 kb)
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